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If you’re looking for the love of your life or if you’ve already found him or her, Relationships in Love is a place where you can find support, information and healing.

Creating true love in your relationship doesn’t happen by chance!

Often times people choose partners without taking the time to consider whether a relationship with this person would genuinely be beneficial in the long run.

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The Cure for Unhappy Relationships

There are several reasons why we might be attracted to someone and find ourselves in a very unhappy relationship:
1.  There are unresolved karmic issues and entanglements from early or past life experiences.
2.  We are looking for someone to fulfill unrealistic needs and this person fits our preconceived (usually idealized) notion.
3.  We feel inadequate by ourselves and feel the need to be completed by another.
4. We don’t believe we can make it on our own, so we find anyone who will take us.

If I Don’t Love Myself, How Can I Love Someone Else?

Relationships in love

Because of our early conditioning and social upbringing, these reasons are powerful and often times very motivating. Unfortunately, these same reasons are not genuinely nurturing and do nothing to create true love.
To retrain our upbringing and social conditioning, it takes a real desire and willingness to change.


Who We Are @ Relationships in Love: is part of a family of websites put together by Soul Resources.
Soul Resources, LLC was first formed in Portland, Oregon by Bob Morrison and Rheanni Lightwater in 2001 as a response to the unprecedented mental and emotional distress that began in America on 9/11. Our vision is to help people live happier, more abundant lives and we know from experience that our love relationships are a tremendously important part of what contributes to happiness!

The initial purpose of Soul Resources was to research and develop effective, flexible methods that would enable people from all walks of life to adapt to change more readily. Today Soul Resources LLC is dedicated to teaching and implementing what we’ve learned.


Relationships in Love is here in Santa Fe, New Mexico to:
•    Help you Heal Negative Habits Around Relationships
•    Give You Tools to Release Negative Expectations from Society and your Family
•    Offer Love Quizzes and Mind Exercises to Nurture Growth as an Individual and as a Couple
•    Talk Honestly about Real Problems that Couples Have
•    Provide Insight on How to Increase Togetherness and Loving Communication
•    Facilitate Conflict Resolution

To accomplish that, we use:
Cognitive training and reprogramming through Online eCourses, Intuitive Learning Egames and Ebooks, Mind Exercises, Kinesiology, Feng Shui, Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Classes, Private Sessions and other creative forms of transformation to help you find true love and happiness!

Contact Soul Resources, LLC in Santa Fe, NM for more information or a private appointment: (505) 271-4612

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